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Latest Dividend
Scheme Name Record Date Dividend Per Unit (Rs.) Ex-Dividend NAV on Record Date
Individual Corporate
JM High Liquidity Fund
JM High Liquidity Fund - Daily Dividend Option21 Jan 20180.001376790.0012755710.4302
JM High Liquidity Fund (Direct) - Daily Dividend O21 Jan 20180.001393290.0012908610.4302

Past performance may or may not be sustained in the future; Dividend distribution is subject to availability & adequacy of distributable surplus. The Mutual Fund is not assuring that it will make periodical dividend distributions, though it has every intention of doing so. After the payment of dividend, the per unit NAV falls to the extent of the dividend payout and distribution taxes, if any.
* NAV on the 1st transaction day after Record Date, which includes the mark to market impact also.
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