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HDFC Bank Ltd.
Custodian & Depository Services,
Lodha - I Think Techno Campus, Building - Alpha, 8th Floor, Near Kanjur Marg Railway Station, Kanjur Marg (E), Mumbai - 400 042.

The Custodian is registered with SEBI underRegistration No. IN/CUS/001 dated February 2, 1998. The Trustee and the AMC have entered into a Custodian Agreement with the Custodian and the salient features of the said Agreement with respect to its functions and responsibilities are:
  • Provide post-trading and custodial services to the Mutual Fund.
  • Ensure benefits due on the holdings are received.
  • Provide detailed management information and other reports as required by the AMC.
  • Maintain confidentiality of the transactions.
  • Segregate assets of each Scheme.
  • The Custodian shall not assign, transfer, hypothecate, pledge, lend, use or otherwise dispose any assets or property, except pursuant to instructions from the Trustee/AMC or under the express provisions of the Custodian Agreement.

  • Toll - Free No. : 1800-1038-345
  • Email : investor@jmfl.com
  • SMS 'SMS code' to '9028364444' for latest NAV
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