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Corporate Profile
JM Financial Mutual Fund is one of India 's first private sector mutual funds-an integral part of the first wave that commenced operations in 1993-94. We are a part of JM Financial Group , which has a rich heritage,built over Four decade. We are one of the many successful companies that have emerged out of JM Financial Group's strong foundation in financial services.

Our Group's origins can be traced back to the 1950s when the Kampani family began to get involved in India's then nascent capital markets. JM Financial & Investment Consultancy Services was founded on September 15, 1973. Under the leadership of Chairman Nimesh N. Kampani, the JM Financial Group has played a stellar and multi-faceted role in the development of India's capital markets. Apart from helping companies raise finance, the Group has also been instrumental in educating a burgeoning and prospering middle class about the advantages of investing in blue chip companies.

JM Financial Asset Management Limited, the Asset Management Company of JM Financial Mutual Fund is sponsored by JM Financial Limited.  JM Financial Asset Management Limited started operations in December 1994 with a simultaneous launch of three funds-JM Liquid Fund (now JM Income Fund), JM Equity Fund and JM Balanced Fund. Today, JM Financial Mutual Fund offers a bouquet of funds that caters to the diverse needs of both its institutional and individual investors.

Our mission is to manage risk effectively while generating top quartile returns across all product categories. We believe that to cultivate investor loyalty, we must provide a safe haven for their investments. We are focussed on helping our investors realize their investment goals through prudent advice, judicious fund management, impeccable research, and strong systems of managing risk scientifically.

We strive to give our family of investors many reasons to celebrate.
  • Toll - Free No. : 1800-1038-345
  • Email : investor@jmfl.com
  • SMS 'SMS code' to '9028364444' for latest NAV
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