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JM Financial Asset Management Limited (AMC)
Corporate Office
Office B, 8th floor, Cnergy, Appasaheb Marathe Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai - 400 025.
Tel. No.: 022-3379 7777
Fax Nos.: 022- 2652 8388

The Sole Sponsor of JM Financial Mutual Fund is JM Financial Ltd. JM Financial Asset Management Ltd. (formerly known as JM Financial Asset Management Private Limited) is registered under the Companies Act, 1956 and was incorporated on June 9, 1994. JM Financial Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd. has entered into an Investment Management Agreement (IMA) on September 1, 1994 appointing JM Financial Asset Management Ltd. as the AMC for the Fund. The AMC has to submit quarterly reports and/or such other reports at such intervals as may be prescribed by the Trustee or SEBI on the functioning of the Fund to the Trustee. The AMC can be removed by the Trustee or by 75% of the Unitholders of the particular Fund, subject to the approval of SEBI. The AMC will manage the Scheme(s) of the Fund, in accordance with the provisions of Investment Management Agreement, the Trust Deed, the Regulations and the investment objectives of the Schemes.

The Board of Directors of AMC comprises eminent personalities with varied experience, details are as given below:


  • Toll - Free No. : 1800-1038-345
  • Email : investor@jmfl.com
  • SMS 'SMS code' to '9028364444' for latest NAV
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