18 Oct 2020Addendum Change in cut off timings of Equity and Hybrid Schemes of the Mutual Fund
16 Oct 2020Addendum on Transmission of units - Change in status from Minor to Mejor - Branch shifting of POAs o
02 Jul 2018Addendum for Amendment Regulation
03 Jan 2018Addendum PAN level updation of records and Exit load
16 Oct 2017Addendum Seeding of Aadhaar Number
06 Oct 2017Addendum Reallocation of responsibilities & Nashik Branch shifting
13 Jun 2016Addendum Restriction on redemption faclity & NACH
30 Jan 2016Addendum Stock Exchange Mechanism
01 Dec 2015Addendum JM Floater Short Term Fund Change in load structure
20 Nov 2015Addendum JM MIP Fund Change in load structure
31 Mar 2015Addendum Roll over request XXV Plan A
24 Nov 2014Addendum Proposed Scheme Option & FATCA
24 Sep 2014Equity Schemes - Change of Exit Load
15 Sep 2014Addendum JM Balanced fund dividend option & Karvy branch Change of Address
28 Jul 2014Addendum Reallocation of resposibilities of Equity FM and Annual Bonus in Balanced & AAF
10 Jul 2014Addendum JM MMF Regular Plan Exit Load
25 Jun 2014Addendum Introduction of Bonus Plan under MIP Balanced Arbitrage
10 Mar 2014Addendum Exchange Platform
04 Mar 2014Addendum Exit load JM Floater Short Term Plan
18 Nov 2013JM Money Manager Fund Super Plan Exit Load
03 Oct 2013Addendum dated Oct 1 2013 - Bank Mandate Registration
10 Jun 2013Addendum Appointment of Dr. R. Srinivasan
18 Mar 2013Addendum Bonus Option
01 Jan 2013Addendum Direct Plan
10 Oct 2012Addendum Renaming of Surviving Plans
31 May 2012Addendum uniform process followed
02 May 2012Addendum regarding Change of Bank Mandate dated 1 May 2012
25 Apr 2012Addendum Clarification for SIP NAV Redemption and Default option
01 Feb 2012Addendum Resignation of Dr R Srinivasan
03 Jan 2012Addendum KYC
18 Nov 2011Corrigendum JM Agri and Infra fund
04 Nov 2011Addendum - Resignation of Sivji Vikansey
02 Nov 2011Addendum Transaction Charges and change in asset allocation for JM FST dated Oct 31 2011
03 Oct 2011Notice cum addendum dated Sept 30 2011
04 Jul 2011Addendum for Cancellation of SIP
11 Apr 2011Addendum for exit load minor
01 Apr 2011Noitce cum addendum Load structure equity schemes
28 Mar 2011Noitce cum addendum dated March 25 2011
02 Feb 2011Addendum Third party payments
31 Jan 2011Addendum Chaitanya Choksi
17 Jan 2011Addendum JM Agri Infra Fund
06 Dec 2010Addendum - cut off timing
15 Nov 2010Addendum abt third party cheques multiple bank account
10 Nov 2010Notice cum addendum Suspension of transactions in FMP XVI 101110
02 Nov 2010Addendum - Bhavin Himani
12 Oct 2010Addendum transferability of units
01 Oct 2010Addendum - Investment Derivatives
14 Sep 2010Addendum charging exit load
09 Sep 2010Addendum V. P. Singh
17 Aug 2010Addendum Nityanath Ghanekar
01 Jun 2010Addendum - Change in Fund Manager
14 May 2010Corrigendum JM High Liquidity Fund
15 Mar 2010Addendum Vishal Kampani
05 Mar 2010Corrigendum JM FMF XVIII
23 Feb 2010Addendum dated Feb 22 2010
07 Jan 2010Addendum Common SID Debt & Equity
05 Jan 2010Addemdum Wind up JM High Liquidity Fund Premium Plan
30 Nov 2009Addendum Change in Asset Allocation JM Gsec & JM Income Fund
06 Nov 2009Addendum pending litigations
06 Nov 2009Addendum regarding JM FMP Fund - Series XVI
20 Oct 2009Addendum JM Gsec & Income Fund
29 Sep 2009Addendum Switch from liquid to liquid debt schemes
23 Sep 2009Addendum Biren Mehta
24 Aug 2009Addendum Change in Load Structure all open ended schemes
31 Jul 2009Addendum - Micro SIP
27 Jul 2009Addendum - Change in Load Structure
22 Jun 2009Addendum Minimum Redemption Amt
20 Apr 2009Adendum Conversion of the scheme JM Auto Sector Fund
15 Apr 2009Addendum Change in Load Structure JM Nifty Plus Fund & Closure of Branch
27 Feb 2009Addendum Sandip Sabharwal
26 Feb 2009Addendum Mohit Verma
11 Feb 2009Notice cum addendum - Change of name of JM Liquid Plus Fund
31 Jan 2009Notice ad cum addendum changes in liquid schemes
07 Jan 2009Addendum change in load structure JM Income Fund
27 Dec 2008Addendum dated 27th December 2008
18 Dec 2008Addendum change in load structure JM GSec Fund
06 Nov 2008Addendum to interval fund
29 Oct 2008Load Structure Addendum
01 Oct 2008Addendum for change in Offer Documents and KIM
16 Sep 2008Addendum dated 7th March2008
08 Sep 2008Notice ad cum addendum recd dt all FMFs Interval
28 Jul 2008ADDENDUM for Quarterly SIP and Valid SIP appln
28 Jun 2008ADDENDUM for Default options new branches etc
13 May 2008Addendum dated 13th may 2008
13 May 2008Notice ad addendum 13 May 2008
01 May 2008Notice ad addendum 1st May 2008
28 Apr 2008Addendum dated 28th April 2008
23 Mar 2008Notice cum addendum JM Interval Fund Q1
14 Mar 2008Addendum dated 14th March 2008
05 Mar 2008Addendum dated 5th March 2008
25 Feb 2008Addendum dated 25th February 2008
03 Jan 2008Addendum dated 3rd January 2008
12 Dec 2007Addendum dated 12th December 2007
05 Dec 2007Addendum dated 5th December 2007
31 Oct 2007Addendum dated 31st October 07
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