Before you start investing in JM Financial Mutual Fund schemes, equip yourself with all the functional knowledge required. A ready reckoner that will help you understand the process better
A Common Application Form duly completed along with Rupee cheque or Rupee draft should be submitted / mailed to any of the Official Points of Acceptance of Transactions specified by JM Financial Mutual Fund. Investors can also lodge their completed application forms with brokers appointed by JM Financial Mutual Fund from time to time for onward submission to any of the Investor Service Centres. All cheques/DDs must be drawn in favour of "Name of the Scheme" and crossed "A/c payee" only and payable at the place where the application is submitted at the official point of acceptance.

An NRI choosing to invest in JM Financial Mutual Fund currently cannot make the investment in foreign currencies. The NRI investor needs to give a cheque or draft in rupees from his/her NRE, NRO bank account in India. The NRI investor may also send a rupee cheque/draft issued by an exchange house abroad drawn on its correspondent bank in India. However, for an NRI to invest it is mandatory that he/she maintains a bank account in India.
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