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JM Flexicap Fund (frmly JM Multicap Fund)

This product is suitable for investors who are seeking* :

  • Capital Appreciation over Long Term.
  • Investment predominantly in Equity & Equity related securities investing across market capitalization.
*Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them.

Investment Objective
JM Flexicap Fund is an open-ended diversified equity fund which aims to provide capital appreciation by investing primarily in equity and equity related securities of various market capitalisation

Scheme Features
Inception Date : 23rd September, 2008
Type of Scheme : An open ended dynamic equity scheme investing across large cap, mid cap, small cap stocks.
Plans/Options : Dividend Option (Payout & Reinvestment option), Growth Option, (Direct) Dividend Option (Payout & Reinvestment option) & (Direct) Growth Option
Investment Strategy : The Scheme will invest in stocks of various market capitalizations - Large Cap, Mid & Small Cap. Depending upon valuation discount or premium amongst Large / Mid & Small cap stocks, the fund will keep varying the weights to capture the value while keeping an optimum Risk / Return profile.
Minimum Application Amount / Number of Units : Purchase - Rs. 5,000/- or any amount thereafter
Additional Purchase - Rs. 1,000/- or any amount thereafter
Repurchase - There is no minimum limit on the amount/units which can be redeemed/switched-out. The investor is free to redeem any or all units outstanding in his/her/their folio.
Entry Load : Nil
Exit Load : 1.00% of NAV on all investments (including SIP/STP/SWP) transaction, if redeemed/swithch-out within 60 days of transfer/allotment of units in normal transaction/allotment of units of respective installments in SIP/STP/SWP transactions.
ISIN No. :

Payout - INF192K01619,Reinvestment - INF192K01627, Growth - INF192K01635

Benchmark Index  : S&P BSE 500
SIP / STP / SWP Option : Available.
Tax Benefits : Provisions applicable to equity schemes may apply. For more information, click here
Plans / OptionsLatest NAV (Rs.)
(Regular) - IDCW (Payout)36.5776 (05 Aug 2021)
Growth Option47.4679 (05 Aug 2021)
(Direct) - IDCW (Payout)46.9806 (05 Aug 2021)
(Direct) Growth Option51.6866 (05 Aug 2021)
Fund Manager : Sanjay Chhabaria
(Total 14 yrs of experience in fund management & equity research).
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  • Toll - Free No. : 1800-1038-345
  • Email : investor@jmfl.com
  • SMS 'SMS code' to '9028364444' for latest NAV
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